Friday, May 8, 2015

A Rant on things that get stolen.

I already posted twice this week, which is pretty much the limit of my creativity, however I am angry today. Not just a little bit miffed like that time Karma pushed me and I fell over at the beach, or moderately angered like that time a gossip columnist I have never met told twitter that my posts make him hate bloggers more, or even truly enraged like that time I invited the local council to inhale the monies for my parking fine, five cents at a time, from my asshole. Remember those? Well this time I am beyond engorged with IRATE.

Wait, I want to explain something first...

 I, like so many other bloggers  spend a great deal of time, energy and effort on this blog, I turn down many sponsored post opportunities, because although I need to make some money, I want to ensure I can write something worth reading about it first. Blogs are an important marketing tool; there is great exposure in working with bloggers. Bloggers are fast learning their value and the rules are slowly changing in our favour.

Mid last year I changed the way I do promotion this blog. I made the sponsored opportunities by invitation only, so that I ensured I worked with people who respected and valued what it is that bloggers do. At the beginning of this year, I changed the rules again. I still will work only with known and trusted brands that value the work and contribution bloggers make, only now I work with brands that support this blogs ability and value to promote, by putting the money I make on this blog toward road trips that promote other things that I love and believe in. Stuff 

that may not ordinarily get the kind of exposure they deserve because they can’t afford it. Promoting the things you love is the best kind of blog promotion because your readers identify with you on some level. That’s why they read. If you love something, chances are they will too.

There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes with this kind of promotion. I help with media kits, I share the knowledge I have gained in Search engine and social media optimisation. I create and explain social media platforms and share all the unwritten rules that the internet operates on to the best of my ability and knowledge and I create content that is amusing to read, even if the only thing I can do with that content is get people familiar with their name, brand or music. It involves time away from my family and often much of my own cash. 

This means that I ONLY EVER do this kind of promotion for people that I feel really deserve it.

I Have to tell you that THESE guys REALLY do deserve it.

Remember when I took that road trip with Kez to the Central Coast to interview that band, and I was all secretive about who it was and I wanted to build it up and make a huge ‘thing’ about it, because I really want to give these guys the best exposure I can? I did this because I would love all of the people that identify here to know about these guys.

At first I wanted to promote them because of their huge amount of talent and I believed in the contribution they would make to Australian music. Then we began talking and I wanted to promote them more, because they are down to earth people who are passionate about what they do. They took time for their fan base; they tried their hardest to learn from everyone around them. They went on huge tours with the likes of Kasey Chambers and the Eagles and came home the next weekend to play a local gig at a small town pub because someone from their original fan base was having a birthday.

 Then I met them and I wanted to help promote them because in a world of musicians who beat their girlfriends, or graffiti the buildings of the countries they visit, THESE guys are the kind of band you want your daughter to listen to, and your sons to aspire to. They are respectful, kind, ridiculously talented and they are the hand on my heart, the kind of creative humans that deserve a chunk of the many millions spent on the music industry each year.

I wanted to share who they were and what they did on this blog with an interview we filmed with a Go-Pro on a cheap tri-pod in a small dark motel room in the back of a Central Coast pub. The interview was unreal, we laughed and shared a few drinks in the rain and spoke about a great many things that I can’t wait for you to hear. One of the things we spoke about in the interview that didn’t make the cut was the attachment a musician gets to their instruments, and also the labour of love it is to do something creative.

All creative people know there is not a great deal of cash in their trade, especially when they are starting out. Bloggers know about this most of all.

Grizzlee Train know this.

I am not going to get to reveal who these guys are with this video though; I won’t get to SHOW you the brilliance I see in these people just yet, because it is still being edited. I want to tell you about them now though, because last night their gear was stolen from a gig in Darlinghurst.

Mic equipment, leads and a treasured collection of pedals were stolen including;

A silver pedal Train guitar pedal case,
A SOUL FOODS overdrive pedal,
A GREEN delay pedal,
An octave pedal and a WHITE drive pedal were among the many treasured things stolen from these guys.

These things not only hold great sentimental value, but are very costly and not easily replaced on the salary of musicians who play local pubs to make ends meet. The loss of these items is a huge blow to them, and I cannot begin to tell you how much success these guys deserve. This success will hampered by the loss of this equipment and man, it pisses me off. It makes me angry and upset and reminds me that the world is full of assholes who take advantage.

It is at times like these though, that I like to remind myself of the 5:1 asshole ratio rule that I absolutely made up and have no scientific basis whatsoever. But I truly believe that for every asshole, there are at least five great people. I know this because I see it every day. 

I am asking that those great people keep an eye out for this missing equipment on their local trading sites, hock shops and garage sales. If you see anyone carrying equipment with a Grizzlee Train sticker similar to the  Grizzlee Train part of the drum pictured below;

Please report it to crime stoppers. 1800 333 000, and leave the details of Grizzlee Train and the theft from Brighton Up Bar Darlinghurst.

Or if you can possibly help with any replacement gear that you no longer need please email

There are a huge amount of Sydney siders that read here, google analytics tells me so. There are SO MANY Sydney people who read here that if I think too much about it I would never share anything again, one of you, or someone you know may be able to help. I don’t often ask for assistance, but if you possibly can share this post, information or help in ANY WAY, please do!

Pretty please with Ed Sheeran, C-Tates AND Adam Levine on top.(Yes, I know right, never have I used all three descriptively, but YES ALL of them, that is how strongly I feel about this one guys.)

Em xx

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