Monday, May 11, 2015

Backstreet Boys. Obsessive fans.

I have an update on the stolen gear from the last post.
Friends of Kasey Chambers Music, MACRON MUSIC on the Central coast sorted them out with new gear. 
See there are awesome people!!!


Got a question for ya, better answer now…

Am I original?

*Squints uncomfortably into the sun to disguise any involuntary facial amusement.

Am I the oh-ooonly one?

Ummm. *Shrugs. Nah.

Am I sex-u-al?

Yeah, OK. That’s probably a bit inappropriate, also it’s not really a question you should ask more than once hey... You might wanna.. You know… write that one down.

Am I everything you need?

*Stares blankly.

You’d better rock your body now!

Now that might sound a little... Mean… But I can safely say however, that the Backstreet Boy’s field of fucks is barren about anything I think.. Why?

Because they are KILLIN-IT. Absolutely Killing it. I am not going to pretend that they are my cup of forte but, they are SO ENTERTAINING, and they have a formula that they are STILL KILLIN IT with packed out concerts of screaming fans these many, many years later.

I know what you’re thinking.. How do I know right? 

Well.. It’s a funny story..

I have this ‘friend’. For the purposes of this blog post we are going to call her Psycho Backstreet fan, because she is, also we call her that to her face all the time so she won’t be offended.

 I have never met anyone in my life that is as excited about the Backstreet boys as this chick. She has NINE TUBS of BSB memorabilia in her house.



This includes those little sticker albums from 1996 that have all the stickers placed in them perfectly over the EXACT outline they are supposed to be in. exactly square, you have never seen anything like it.

She also has collectors cards, numbered and in a collectors album that we aren’t allowed to touch because she knows we will put them in the wrong order to be a dick, because she knows us too well and it would be hilarious to see her face if we did.

I have absolutely no idea how that kind of obsession happens.

*Sips coffee
*Strokes the fluffy head of Ed Sheeran the cat.

Meanwhile, Psycho BSB fan is one of my very best friends in the entire world. She is the kind of friend that would do anything for you. She is our party and event planner, the remember of birthdays, the person who will come in the middle of the night to watch your kids if you need, she is hilarious, loyal, stunningly beautiful and perfect in every way. Our group of girls loves her to bits.

Every time one of us girls has a birthday, or hens, or need for a night out, Psycho is there with her vista-print loyalty card, making invitations and printing banners and sash’s. She is making bookings and collecting monies such is her level of organisation. 

Psycho’s birthday however is very close to Christmas, so every year we get together in advance and plan on repaying the favour with a huge bash for her, only we are lost at organising things without her! And we ALWAYS just end up drinking in her garage listening to the Backstreet boys and SHE NEVER COMPLAINS about that.

This year though… Psycho got wind of a BSB concert in Oz from one of the many fan sites she belongs to.

Quietly she booked six front row tickets. Even quieter still she put them in an envelope. Calmly she sent us all a text reading;

I have booked BSB tickets for everyone on the 09.05.15, be at my house by 4pm for pre-drinks. I don’t care that it is mother’s day the following day. I don’t care what you have on or how sick you may be on the day, we are going. This will make up for every birthday of mine you have ever missed, every event I have ever planned, every phone call I have ever made, every sash I have ever printed.
No excuses. Be there.

Ok, I did kind of take creative licence with the wording of the text, but it was the general gist.

SO!! The Ninth of May arrived at we dutifully got to Psycho’s house at 4pm, well… Kez and I were a bit late because she got suckered into playing netball.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 

In a leotard.. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Anyways, we got there, and Psycho had the BSB playing and frozen cocktails prepared. Make-up and hair styling tools were plugged in and set up on a table in the garage because she is SO FUCKING ORGANISED.  Several boyfriends and husbands mingled in the back ground drinking beer and exchanging nervous glances at each other, waiting for us all to get ready and fuck off out of there.
So we did.

We all sat Kez’s seven seater, looking blandly out of the window and sipping cocktails from drink bottles while Psycho fan screamed, cried a little bit, hyperventilated, counted the tickets 327 times and squealed whenever we got a kilometre closer to the event.

It was so unbelievable awesome to see her so excited, it was also slightly annoying, but any annoyance was overshadowed by just how excited our gorgeous little BSB psycho fan was.

The event itself, whilst not exactly ‘mah thang’ was really well done, and if you are a Backstreet fan, even if you aren’t as… dedicated as our Backstreet fan, you would love it. LOVE IT. 

The performance was full of the classic songs with original dance moves, loads of eye contact and personal interactions with their adoring fans. It felt personal, was a blast from the past, it was highly entertaining and if it’s your thing then you should definitely go see them.

Would I go again?

Probably not, once was more than enough.

Am I glad I went?

I am, because I will never forget how much it meant to my gorgeous friend, how excited she was or how much she LOVES them.
It was pretty damn entertaining I must say...

So.. I wanna know.
Am I original?
Am I sexual?

Wait you can't answer those, because my commenting system is DOWN!! IT'S DOWN!! We are working on it, and it should be working soon.. I hope..

Back Streets back baby...

Mah Tat sleeve stops where mah actual sleeves stop. Makes it easy to hide it from Nan.

I know. This pic was a bit 'Crotchy' Stop looking.

Hey Girl! Hey!

Who farted?

Also has a strict Nana.. Unless it's the same guy.. Might be the same guy. I dunno.

More crotches

This pic reminds me of the Jimeoin Keyboard Player sketch... Man google it. Hilarious.

Looks a bit suss.. *Shifty eyes


Am I sex-u-al?  Dude stop asking me that...

Spiffy little keyboard player dropping a fart on the end there..

Happy Monday guys!

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