Friday, May 22, 2015

Can we talk about Rebel Wilson for a second?

I wasn’t going to weigh in on this debate. I chanted to myself... Don’t be perpetually offended… Don’t be perpetually offended… Then I said to myself, you don’t want to give more attention to the ridiculous thing... Don’t do it...

Then I tried to convince myself to write nothing because I didn’t want to offend anyone who wrote for the publication, or on the other hand, anyone who was vocal about not liking the publication. I know right… I am such a people pleaser can’t you tell? Then there was the whole… I wrote for that publication… So I should probably just shut up.

But here we are, starting sentences with ‘But’.

Sometimes, when something annoys me, I think about it obsessively. At first I am annoyed, then I have an argument in my own head about the reasons that I am annoyed. Before I know it I am outraged and rage filled. Those who know me well know that when I feel outraged by something, I probably won’t be able to keep my mouth shut.

It is like a rage gag reflex.

If I feel an injustice is committed, then chances are, I am not going to care who you are, or where we are, I am going to spit out a good telling off. Much to the detriment of my sense of shame, I am painfully good at giving an exceptional telling off…

Whilst I have learned to become choosy with the things that outrage me, despite not learning to use a better word than ‘Choosy’, and with time I have learned to pick my battles for the greater good, but if I am given a chance to run with an argue in my own head… Then…

IN THE DEN!?! May god have mercy on us all.

So I am just going to say it yeah? *Flaps hands nervously.

 Rebel Wilson.
*Pauses for dramatic effect.

If you have been living under a rock, there was a whole… and I am going to call it… “A flog off” in a publication that I am not going to link to because *Ugh. Insert frustrated noise. (Remember when we used to do that though? Link to stuff that annoyed us? HAHAHAHA... Punches self in face)

Anyways, there was this whole flog off about Rebel Wilson’s age. Something about her lying about her age, or some insignificant wank in the bank of NOBODY-FUCKING-CARES. 

There was the usual kerfuffle about feminism and meninism surrounding this, and the customary commentary ensued, clouding the real reasons that women are limited in this country as per fucking usual.

 This was followed up with another needy and cringe-worthy attempt to poke at the perpetually offended hornets’ nest about the ad Rebel made for Stan TV. I am not going to link to the ad either, as hilarious as it is. I think we all grow weary of advertising agencies and publications making everyone affronted and convulsed for the free press it brings. I will say well done AJF Partnership. *Bows. Good job.

Apparently though, certain publications like to aid AJF Partnership, and the Fairfax/Chanel nine joint TV streaming ventures, by trying to convince us that parents should be outraged at the woman paid by these companies to appear in their advert.

Namely, because this ad has a cat in it, and that cat was a euphemism for Fa-China and Rebel said ‘Pussy’. This was all crammed in the face of your three year old during prime time.

I mean, never mind the ad’s for life insurance that remind your children that you are going to DIE one day that are shown every five seconds, or the ads for premature ejaculation that shame the sexual prowess  medically speaking  “ perfectly average” ejaculation time period for a healthy male being aired on radio during the school ferrying hours, and let’s all not give a Mc- Flying- Fuck about the constant bombardment of unhealthy food that is thrown at our children on a daily basis, because Rebel was in an ad.

Pictures of Rebel were grabbed by Facebook, made extra-large and she was somehow made accountable for the timeslot that this rather risqué ad she was in, was shown. *Rolls eyes.

I for one can say that I am not offended by this Ad; I have no problem with the time slot in which it was shown. I fail to see the how Rebel herself has any relevance or involvement in the timeslot chosen. I also see little relevance to the age or accurate age of Rebel Wilson to the fundamental needs of a feminist movement in the grand scheme of things, I feel that trivialising the opinions regarding the external validation of women as a feminist cause to be a bit ridiculous really, also tiresome.

 In all honesty, I think it shadows the real reasons that women are limited in this country. When you consider that statistically speaking, the fact that you are born with a vagina means that either you or the woman next to you will be subjected to gender based sexual or physical violence in her lifetime. So I find that my box of fucks is pretty uninhabited for the opinions anyone holds over my physical appearance, age and ensuing worth. That is simply my opinion.

What offends me most however, is the willingness of the Australian media, (Some, not all) to enthusiastically stomp on Rebel Wilson. Not to mention the hand rubbing glee of free press that follows for all involved in both Rebels ventures and those who are doing the stomping. (I know right… I get the irony that I am writing this post about it, but I swear I have a point)

We can be outraged by these things should we feel outraged, we can show the ireful jury on the perpetually offended doll just where the story offended you...

We can shout and we can call everyone out on tearing women down. Or we can not click, look away, refuse to support those who do until we are heard, because if tearing women down in a needy and desperate attempt to grab clicks didn’t work, it wouldn’t be done. 

What if instead of clicking, sharing and writing status’s demanding outrage at publications that tear women down, we used that outrage to build women back up. What if enough offended voices used that offence to say something kind about the woman they see being torn down, and it made those who choose to tear us down struggle to be heard?

Rebel Wilson is a fabulous, talented, beautiful and successful woman. I love everything about her. I will pay good money to watch her in anything, simply because she is in it, such is my love for her ability to entertain me and her unique sense of humour.  I am beyond ecstatic to see her success; I am full of joy that she is an example of a successful woman to my children, my daughter, my nieces and sisters.

The next time I see a status tearing Rebel down, the above is what my Facebook status will read.  I would love more to see more women building in my timelines when stuff like this happens. I would chose to read that instead the garbage that simply preys on my ability to be perpetually offended and unable to keep my mouth shut about it...

I know right?

That’s all I have to say about that.

Happy Friday. xx

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