Friday, July 31, 2015

On the public vilification of game hunters

I had to stop looking at images of Cecil the lion. I couldn’t read another article, I couldn’t take in the sadness, or cruelty and I certainly couldn’t listen to another entitled life claim their right to end the life of something else for sport or relaxation, under the guise of being on the top of the food chain.

I have mixed feelings on the public vilification of those that make mistakes, or simply stand by their right to do something that differs from the norm. The ability for en-mass harassment and public shaming that come with the ease of venting ones frustration on social media makes me a little uneasy. I to some extent feel that these torrents of perpetual outrage pointed squarely at a person who happened to err that day take away the constructive ability to learn and grow from ones mistakes.

I like to believe I am accepting. I like to believe I can understand that what makes me tick is not necessarily what makes others tick. I like to believe that I can relate enough to the human experience to accept the actions of other human beings can differ from my own and not make them wrong, because even if I can’t relate to what it is the other person’s passion is about, I can relate to their passion that is usually enough.

Not this time though. I simply can’t. Not when it comes to taking the life of an animal for gratification.

How have we not evolved past this yet? How can we have come so far as a species and yet still have to accept that it is a human right to kill something else for the joy of it? Not for food, not for necessity, simply for the joy and trophy of pointing a machine at the life of something, and snuffing it out with the pulling motion of your finger? That is not a sport, there is no superior feat of strength or skill involved, you are simply a psychopath.

I have a finger motion too, and it is currently  erect and alternating between shaking with rage, flipping birds and pointing squarely at these people who claim this act is their deity given right to do so for their own joy. I have had enough.

I do not, can not and will not accept that a human being has a right to do this any longer. I refuse to accept that your right to kill another life from our planet, simply because it delights you is copacetic. I truly believe that your right as a human being on this planet does not grant you you divine enfranchisement over what is and isn’t allowed to live on it. I am beyond disturbed that there are people who get enjoyment from taking the life of something else. To those people I say this;

I honestly feel that if you must take the life from something in order to relax than you should not have access to a gun.

I would go as far as to say that if you need to kill for relaxation and enjoyment as well as doing so under a deluded sense of entitlement, then you require a serious assessment of you faculties in order to be able to have the right to full access to walk freely on the planet you feel so superior on.

While I am at it, I truly do believe that you there on your throne at the top of the food chain is what will be the demise of this planet, and guess what? This is my planet too. It is my human right as a member of the human race on the top of the food chain to declare that I will not accept this.

I honestly, rightly or wrongly feel nothing for the people who are being publicly hounded, harassed and vilified for their actions when it comes to the killing of an animal. That kind of a reaction is merely the sound of the people on this planet who do not agree that killing an animal for no reason other than personal delight is acceptable. From what I can see they greatly outnumber the people who do.

This is the one time I have been absolutely delighted in the public vilification of someone across social media, if not simply because I feel they truly deserve it, but more than that I cannot continue to take in the stories like Cecil the lion, day in and day out and feel that there is just no hope for the human race or this planet. 
The noise I hear coming from this public assailment such as those given to the man responsible for taking the life of Cecil the lion, knowing that those who are outraged by these actions greatly outnumber those who feel these actions are just give me a sense of hope that we may not be as royally screwed as a species as I sometimes suspect.

Sometimes I really need that...

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Well said Emma's brain!