Monday, August 3, 2015

Jessie J & Why we need to stop telling women what to wear.

I watch The Voice for a plethora of reasons. I know what you’re thinking right...MADDEN, 

BUT! Another thing that I love about watching the voice is twitter. While it may seem like twitter has recently turned in to quite the dull thunder whore, tweeting while watching TV reminds me of why I am even still on twitter at all, and the twitter feed for The Voice is one of the main reasons I watch it.

Imagine you are watching one of your favourite TV shows from the comfort of your couch, only now you are watching that TV show with thousands of other people, and it has turned into a huge hilarious party full of witty people, sharing commentary, opinions and outrage over how many fucking ads there are.

Seriously. So. Many. Ads…

Now, I missed The voice last night, because… (It is a long and dull story) but I had a friend’s birthday party on Saturday night… let’s just say that several gin’s later, I had a less than productive Sunday and I found myself still washing school uniforms on Sunday evening. Anyway that isn’t important, what is important is that I missed it.
I found out this morning however, that the party had been gate crashed last night by ill-informed hoards of the perpetually outraged.

Their outrage of choice?
Jessie J’s Bewbs.

Source- Instagram

This dress, and its lack of cleavage covering ability sent many Voice fans into a rage induced nose bleed. I am not going to link or screen shot to these people, but I read the words; ‘Cover up your tits Jessie J’ So many times that my eyes got irritated and I needed antihistamine.

References were made to not only the size of Jessie J’s chest, but the shape of Jessie J’s chest, the way in which the size and shape of Jessie J’s chest sat in the dress, as well as other garbage commentary from those outraged by Jessie J drawing attention to her chest, ironically drawing more attention to Jessie J’s CHEST!!! 

*Punches Keyboard.

Next were the perpetually outraged parents. Fuck they are the worst aren’t they? Those parents who were all like 


*Facepalm. *Forecfully shove in the opposite direction to me *Shut the fuck up.
 I can’t even. No wait yes I can…

Do you know what outrages me a hell of a lot more than Jessie J’s chest? People telling women what to wear. MAN it’s tired.

People outraged up to their own modest titties over the sexualisation of women that they can’t see that their outrage is the problem. 

Being outraged by the chest of a human being and looking past the function of that chest, or the freedom of expression in how one covers or doesn’t cover that chest is a bigger problem. 

The PROBLEM is the people who feel the need to commentate despite the fact that the size, shape and covering on the breasts of Jessie J have no impact on her role or ability as a judge for the show.

This is the reason women are STILL paid less than their male equivalent and the reason that 50% of women will become victims of gender based violence, right there. The reason this problem will not go away? OUTRAGED PARENTS. There I said it.

Parents so hung up on protecting the innocence of their children that they hide anatomy as though it was something to be ashamed of.

What if instead of being outraged over how exposed an area of the female body is for the benefit of your children, or being outraged by having to explain the concept of human nipples to little Johnny and little Trudy, try instead to send a message to your children that Jessie J is a woman, an accomplished artist with many years of experience to share as a judge on the television show that they are watching. 

Try explaining that the fact Jessie J has breasts, how much or how little she covers those breasts actually has no bearing on her abilities as a person and perhaps that commentary on them is wrong.

You don’t actually have to do anything in order to accomplish this. You just have to NOT SAY ANYTHING!

(Yes I see the irony of me writing this post, but shut up I am telling a story)

Honestly, how hard is it? Is it that difficult not to be filled with moral outrage long enough to demonstrate to your children that the female body does not have a lesser value and should not be held to a different standard to that of a man?

How about instead teaching little Trudy that she can wear whatever she fucking likes and whatever makes her feel as fabulous as she is without fearing a social consequence? That accepting anything less than this is a problem.

 Perhaps in doing so you would stop sending the message to little Johnny that women’s bodies are to be sexualised, and if women are not covering them it is acceptable to be outraged by it.

How about teaching your children to respect the abilities of a person regardless of their bodies. Teach them that a woman’s body and choices are to be respected and these expectations are not open to the interpretation of how someone chooses to perceive it.

Perhaps then we won’t have to teach Trudy that she will never ask to be raped or become a victim of gender based violence and we won’t have to teach little Johnny not to rape.


*Punches Keyboard

*Glares at the cat.


Dorothy said...

I agree with you in principle, but I do find it interesting that women tend to wear more revealing clothes than men. Not that I see men and women much, seeing as I'm such a boring home body. I wonder if it's because women are more comfortable with their bodies, or because it's more acceptable for women to bare more than men? No judgement from me, just curiosity.

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

sounds like someone needs a Bex and a good lie down.

And then to punch that cat. Cause clearly she was showing her nipples and asking for it.

I fucking love your rants. As always, totally spot on. Except in the office. I reserve the right to stand at the doorway of my office and send every fucking idiot showing her boobs and breakfast home. And every man who turns up in SHORTS, OMG IT IS A FUCKING OFFICE. *takes some of that Bex that her grandmother was recommending*

Alicia-OneMotherHen said...

I noticed the neckline of her dress taped to her boobs. She rocked that outfit. Good on Jessie J. I wish I could get away with a dress like that. I'd need a whole roll of duct tape just to keep my boobs from draping over my knees :)

Cara McKee said...

Yes, you're right, her boobs are not connected to her abilities and what she wears is irrelevant, also that policing women's bodies is not OK, but... I like that it provides an opportunity to discuss the way that women only seem to manage to get jobs like judging on high profile TV shows if they're very pretty and not averse to getting their boobs out. I like that my kids are wondering about that...